A mathematical spin on the political issues of the Venezuelan elections by Patricia Meneses


Charla. Saint Louis University – Madrid Campus, Madrid. 6 de febrero


Venezuela is commonly talked about for its varied socio-political troubles, but one aspect that is often overlooked is the immense impact its elections have on its current state. And these elections are not exclusively a political issue, but have mathematics playing a substantial role in them.
In this talk, the different intersections between the maths and the politics are analysed and commented, especially in respect to electoral methods, manipulation in D’Hondt and gerrymandering.

Dirigido a: público general

Hora comienzo: 13:00

Hora finalización:

Dirección: Calle Amapolas, 3, 28003, , Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid

Reserva: Requiere reserva

Organiza: Saint Louis University – Madrid Campus

Email de contacto: ana.granados@slu.edu


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