Explore why women from the Balkans are not represented in the field of science.


Charla. University, Madrid. 6 de febrero


My name is Jona Bojdani and I grew up in the small country of Albania. I grew up like most children; absolutely curious about the world and how it works. I sat there in awe whilst my professor taught me about great people and their accomplishments towards science. I understand now that there was something fundamentally wrong. None of the people we learnt about were women. It is wrong to say that women haven’t contributed to science. Yet why is it I never heard of them. I will be exploring why young Balkan students are taught about women scientist. In addition I will be exploring what can be done for women to be represented more in terms of science and what benefits it will bring to society in the Balkans and more importantly, the world.

Dirigido a: público general

Hora comienzo: 13:30

Hora finalización:

Dirección: Av. del Valle, 34, Madrid, 28003, , Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid

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Organiza: University

Email de contacto: ana.granados@slu.edu


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