Society’s response to African women in science studies


Charla. Saint Louis University, Madrid Campus, Madrid. 6 de febrero


Rediet Kebere, a SLU Madrid current student, will talk about how the society in africa reacts to womens in science studies.Most womens in africa are not supported to study science as it is believed that women’s should do easier jobs. However, I have a strong opposition against this belief and my presentation will be about what has created those thinking in the society and how we can prevent those thinking’s and support women’s in the science field.

Dirigido a: público general

Hora comienzo: 13:00

Hora finalización: 13:30

Dirección: Amapolas 3, 28003, , Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid

Reserva: Requiere reserva

Organiza: Saint Louis Unversity, Madrid Campus

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