Self-STEM: The relationship between the self-esteem of a woman and her scientific career


Tipo de actividad: Charla

Fecha y Hora: 14-02-18 13:00

Lugar: Saint Louis University Madrid Campus

In Spain, from 100 people studying engineering, science, and math, only 30 are women. Knowing this is logical to ask ourselves why. This is the primary focus of this talk. One of the most popular approaches to solve this question is the search for biological reasons that might create this difference. It seems legitimate, as biology explains key factors of the human evolutionary behavior. That doesn’t mean that other approaches to the topic should be underestimated. These are the topics that this essay covers: First, it will start with a brief analysis of some possible problems presented by some biological analysis of this question. It will continue with a chronological analysis of some sociological issues with negative consequences over the self-esteem of a woman, such as the influence of the media or lack of support on her environment. It will continue with some highlights of two interviews performed to two scientists that are familiar with this topic, and it will finish with some possible solutions.


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