«Through history, the lack of women in computer science».

Presentation. Saint Louis University Madrid, Saint Louis University, Madrid, Madrid. 5 de febrero.

The first computer programmer in the world was a woman, Ada Lovelace. However, the number of females in computer science is extremely low with up to 30% maximum. This is caused by many factors, one of them is the lack of female leading figures in computer science. Although the career in computer science is one of the only, which has a 94% equality in the wage gap, the low number of female is seen since in the college classes where there is a complete male dominance. To reduce this difference, these past years a lot of organisations and college has taken actions to involve more women.

Dirigido a: Público general, Público familiar, Universidad, Otros
Hora comienzo: 13:00
Hora finalización: 14:00
Dirección: Avenida del Valle 34, 28003, Saint Louis University, Madrid, Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid
Reserva: Entrada libre
Organiza: college
Email de contacto: ana.portilla@slu.edu

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