A Discussion of the Abortion Ban in Texas

Tipo de actividad: Charla
Dirigido a: Público general, Universidad
Fecha: 13 de febrero
Hora comienzo: 14:00
Dirección: Calle Amapolas, 3, Madrid
Reserva: Requiere reserva
Organiza: Saint Louis University, Madrid campus
Espacio: Saint Louis University, Madrid campus
Email de contacto: ana.granados@slu.edu
Madeleine Turney will discuss: Since September 1, 2021, abortion became illegal in Texas in cases where embryonic cardiac activity can be detected. This ban gives women a six-week threshold where they can determine pregnancy, confirm this with a medical professional, and withgo an abortion. However, due to pregnancy math and menstrual math, this is not always the most concrete threshold for discovering pregnancy. Menstrual math or predicting when a “missed period” occurs is based on an assumed 28-day cycle. What happens when the law and science are in contradiction and what is the solution?

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