Math on Trial: How Math Can Be Used to Favor the Prosecution

Tipo de actividad: Charla
Dirigido a: Público general, Universidad
Fecha: 13 de febrero
Hora comienzo: 14:00
Dirección: Calle Amapolas, 3, Madrid
Reserva: Requiere reserva
Organiza: Saint Louis University, Madrid campus
Espacio: Saint Louis University
Email de contacto:
Jessica Cravatta and Leah Rivero will present how Math isn’t just in the classroom, it’s all around us. Math effects every aspect of life, especially in the courtroom. Jessica Cravatta and Leah Rivero will be discussing real case trials where the misuse of mathematics works against defendants to result in wrongful convictions of innocent people. In this presentation, they would like to shed light on this type of injustice in the U.S. Court System.

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