1948-2018: 70 years of holography

Tipo de actividad: Charla

Lugar: Saint Louis Univeristy, Madrid Campus

Fecha y Hora: 6 de febrero 2018

In 1948 the Hungarian born scientist and engineer Denis Gabor, then at British-Thomson Laboratory in UK, published a seminal paper in Nature: “A New Microscopic Principle”. In it, he established the original experimental process for obtaining a 3D image recorded in a 2D photograph. Later, this technique turned out to be named Holography.

Today, holography is present in our daily life. As examples, telephone credit card used in Europe has embossed surface holograms which carry a monetary value, supermarket scanners read the bar codes on merchandise for the store’s computer by using a holographic lens, holographic displays make us today the possibility to watch 3D holographic alive images. Holography is also used in medicine and many other areas of technology.

We will have a short walk through this unique part of the history of modern science.


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